Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week 8

For week 8 (11/04/2011) of DPSC we had TWO great flash demos. The first one was given by Irene Cordero (Her blog: ) Irene did a demo on how to create animatics(moving storyboards) in Flash. 
The second demo was given by Ryan Peter! He did his demo on how to create illustrations in flash! 

Here are some of the things that were covered durring the demos:

(these are from my personal notes so I apologize for anything missing/misspelled)

Creating Flash Animatics

Open an action script 3 file

Right Mouse Button on the gray area around the image to change the document properties, you can change the background color and size here.

If you have the frames set to 24 fps it gets weird when you export it as a quick time. Instead export it at 25fps because that seems to work

You can lock a layer so you can draw on top of it in another layer and it wont effect it.

Timeline- the frames with a circle are key frames, if the circle is empty its blank if its filled it has drawing on it.
Press F5 to add blank frames press F6 to add a blank keyframe.
If you want to add a new drawing inside a frame hit F7 to add a blank keyframe.

Onion skin button is at the bottom of the screen on the left. This will allow you to see your previous frame.

If you want to change the size of a drawing you can use Q to get the free transform tool. You can change the perspective with command key when it’s in the free transform mode

To preview your animation press Enter

Brush- turn on pen pressure

Exporting your drawings for Photoshop
File – export – movie and select the jpg format

How to do finished drawings in flash!

Vectors are made from math and can be enlarged to infinity! Yay

Flash drawings are basically tracing

Draw your picture in pencil first and scan it in, then you trace it with blocks of color in Flash.

Open your scanned drawing and have it on a layer below where you’re going to be drawing
Take a square and put it on the plane. Delete the strokes around it.
 With the transform tool selected hold alt/option and click on the edge of the colored and pull points out to shape the square to fit your sketch

A bendy line will show up when you get close to the edge of the square; this is how you make the edges of your shape curved.

This is in the free transform tool. So you just make colored shapes on top of shapes in separate layers to produce a drawing in the Samurai Jack/Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends type style.  
The only tools you need to do this are free transform and square. 

Week 7

For week 7 (Oct. 21 2011) of DPSC we had a great demo by one of our talented DPSC staff members Megan Boyd! 

Megan Completed two pictures durring her demo! Here they are: 

For the contest we had everyone draw Halloween coloring book pages for a campus event Ringling hosts for local children.  
The winner of the contest was Anastasia Evans!
Her fantastic entry!

More of the coloring pages made that night!

Isaac Fingerstache Traenkenschun

Kyle Katterjohn

Leslie Strock

Lindsey St. Pierre

Phillip Burnett

Rachel Thompson

Also DPSY is now selling keychains featuring a design by Megan Boyd!! They are really cool so be sure to pick one up at the next DPSC meeting for the low price of 4$ (all the money raised from the sales goes to help fund DPSC)