Friday, September 24, 2010

DIpsy #3!!!!

Yessssss! T-shirt design!

Thank you Sean Cruz for the amazing demo! It was so much fun!
Check out his blog and vote for his T-shirts design online:


And here are the winners for this week!!!
Nery Mejicano

second place!

Third place! Stephanie Russel

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Photos from Dipsy #1

Dipsy #1 - BirdGirl

Thank you all for participating in our first meeting this year!
We had a great time to see so many talented students showing up.
Thanks for Gabby for a wonderful presentation - here is a link to her blog
and her top 6 inspiring blogs:

Gabby's blog:  -Bill Schwab  -Lorelay Bove  -Brittney Lee

Also we want to congratulate Harim Lee for winning the contest. 
The topic for this week was  "Bird Girl!"

First place - Harim Lee -

Second place - Karl Hadrika -

Third place - Cindy Chernq -

Thanks everyone for coming-- and keep drawing!